Mary M. Davies - Writer

I'm a fiction writer, avid reader, mother, raised in Canada, living in Portland, OR. Here's what I've been up to lately...

September 2018, beginning to send out short fiction for the first time in a while.  Simultaneously revising my novel manuscript.

January-April, 2018
Second half of The Body of the Book workshop with some wonderful writers at Corporeal Writing with a wonderful, brave group of writers.

September-November, 2017
Taking The Body of The Book workshop at Corporeal Writing.

July, 2017
After many years in Massachusetts I have relocated to Portland, OR.  Looking forward to building more writing community here.

March, 2017
Another great online class at called "Writing the Other" with Nisi Shawl and K. Tempest Bradford.

November, 2016
Taking an online class at called "Writing Your Queer Heart" with Cooper Lee Bombardier.

August-October, 2016
Another great online course on novel revision with Heather Aimee O'Neill at Sackett Street Writers.

June, 2016
Taking an online course with Grub Street called "Novel Revision:  A Crash Course" with Kate Racculia.

March, 2016
Working with writing coach Darla Bruno to revise my novel.

November, 2015
Taking another online course with One Story , this time on character.  Very helpful.

September, 2015
Another great online workshop with the Masters Review and Tin House editor
Michelle Wildgen.

July, 2015
Doing my own version of National Novel Writing Month since I have more time to write in the summer than I do in November, continuing to write as much as I can on my second novel.

March-April, 2015
Taking a great online class called "Approaches to Autobiographical Fiction" taught by Alexander Chee.

January, 2015
Working on a few different projects: revising a story I workshopped in my online fiction workshop last fall through Gotham Writer's Workshop; researching agents for my novel (I changed the working title to A Safe Distance); and I joined a new monthly writing group.

October-November, 2014
Taking an online fiction workshop with the Gotham Writer's Workshop. It's really great to get feedback and to connect with other fiction writers.

September, 2014:
Revising a short story I'm planning to workshop in an online fiction workshop next month.

July & August, 2014:
Spending a lot of time with my daughter, writing when I can during naptime.  Sending a short piece to a couple of short fiction contests.

June, 2014:
Working on some revisions of my novel manuscript based on feedback from my consults with agents at Muse & the Marketplace last month. 

May, 2014:
I had two great consults with literary agents at the Muse & the Marketplace put on by Grub Street in Boston.  Saw some familiar faces, and met some new people too.

April, 2014:
Working more on the first draft of my new novel, and editing a short story I'd like to send out soon.  Also, polishing my query letter and synopsis for the novel.  And trying to find time to read some good books too.
March, 2014:
I'm taking an online class through One Story called "Become Your Own Best Editor."  Looking forward to learning some behind-the-scenes tips for editing short fiction.

February, 2014:
I'm signing up for the Manuscript Mart at the Muse and the Marketplace conference which will take place in Boston in May.  Last year it was really helpful.

January, 2014:
My New Year's resolution is to write for fifteen minutes after my daughter's bedtime, at least 3 nights a week, using the daily writing prompts I get from Sarah Selecky.  I'm working on the first draft of a new novel.



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